University of Southern California


Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL)

SAIL conducts fundamental and applied research in human-centered information processing. Our emphasis is on speech, audio, language, biomedical and multi-modal signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition.

SAIL's research applications and systems development especially focus on domains with direct societal relevance including in human health and well being (both basic and translational research such as in the domains of autism, pediatric obesity and disordered speech production), education (technologies for literacy and language learning) and defense (signal and pattern classification, speech recognition and translation, virtual human-based systems and audio-visual scene analysis). SAIL Alumni occupy important positions in both academia and industry

SAIL supports a collaborative interdisciplinary environment and bridges research from several departments and schools both within and outside USC. The principles, values and mission of SAIL are summarized here.

SAIL was established in November 2000 by Professor Shrikanth Narayanan, who is also the director of SAIL. Our research is supported by the NSF, NIH, DARPA, Army, ONR, and grants from foundations and industry.