Emotion 20 Questions Demo Page

Current Demo

The most recent demo is based on our more recent paper:

The paper focuses on the mathematical and algorithmic aspects of the experiments, but did touch on some of the design and implementation. Our experiments were actually carried out on the code of the main trunk of our repository circa r202 . Though it is always possible to go back to this state in Subversion/svn, we also released a single source (the only dependency is nltk) version here.

Because this demo ran as a desktop program, we also wanted to produce a web-based demo that interested parties could try with out running downloaded code. Such a demo can be found at http://ark.usc.edu/~abe/wsgi_questioner (work in progress)

Older Demos

For historical reason, we also have older demos that are based on the work presented at the Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction conference (ACII2011),Memphis, TN, Oct. 2011, in the following papers: