EMO20Q Questioner Agent

Welcome to Emotion Twenty Questions. Please pick an emotion (not necessarily how you feel right now--it can be any emotion).

After you fill out the form, I will try to guess the emotion that you have in your mind.

Please communicate with me as you would a real life person, for example if we were chatting online. You do not need to restrict yourself to yes/no answers: if the answer is not clearly yes or no, then answer it the best you can.

Answer the questions to the best of your ability and see if I have high enough verbal emotional intelligence to guess your emotion correctly.

After you answer each question, just hit return to move on to the next question.

If I guess an emotion that is an exact synonym to the emotion you picked, you may accept it if you feel it is close enough.

At the end, I will ask for the correct emotion you picked and you'll have the chance to leave any comments you might have.

Each game will take approximately 5 minutes and you are welcome to play as much as you like.

Please log in with your first name, email address, and native language.

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