Character Network Visualization Demo

Choose a movie from the list below and click submit to load its character network graph

The graph is interactive!

1. Zoom in(alt+click) and rotate(shift+click) the graph to reveal interesting patterns
2. Each node in the graph represents a character in the movie; hover on it to reveal its name
3. Size of the node represents number of utterances by that character
4. See the legend on the top-right corner for details on the nodes. Double click on the nodes in legend to isolate them in the graph
5. The graph title indicates if a movie passes the Bechdel test
6. Red nodes represent female characters that pass the Bechdel test
7. If you use this in your work please cite the following paper

Linguistic Analysis of differences in portrayal of movie characters, Ramakrishna, A. et al, in proceedings of ACL 2017, Canada. [pdf]

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