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EE 619: Advanced Topics in Automatic Speech Recognition
Spring 2013

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The course includes mini-project style assignments. Each one of you is expected to work on these assignments and turn in your results individually. The assignments are worth 25% of your overall course grade. The goal of the assignments is to introduce the various components that underlie a speech recognition system, and several useful tools that can help you build them.

First Assignment
Your first assignment is to build a simple phone recognizer using HTK. For this assignment, you need to first download HTK from here and install it on your computer. Then you can get some helps from the biginning parts of the HTK book or from this tutorial, which is a brief step-by-step summary on using the various HTK tools to build the overall system and evaluate it. The due of this homework is TBD. The instruction for downloading data (not publically available for free) is included in the tutorial.
Good luck!

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Last updated: 17 January 2013