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SAIL Alumni in academia


Theodora Chaspari Theodora Chaspari

 Graduation: 2017 
 Currently: Texas A and M 

Thesis: Knowledge-Driven Representations of Physiological Signals: Developing Measurable Indices of Non-Observable Behavior

Emily Mower Emily Mower

 Graduation: 2010 
 Currently: University of Michigan

Thesis: Emotions in Engineering: Methods for the Interpretation of Ambiguous Emotional Content

Prasanta-ghosh Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

 Graduation: 2011 
 Currently: IBM

Thesis: A computational Framework for Exploring the Role of Speech Production in Speech Processing from a Communication Perspective

Carlos-busso 2 Carlos Busso

 Graduation: 2008 
 Currently: University of Texas at Dallas

Thesis: Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Human Communication: Speech and Gesture Interplay

Jorge-silva Jorge Silva

 Graduation: 2008 
 Currently: University of Chile, Santiago

Thesis: On Optimal Signal Representation for Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition

Jeremy Chi-Chun Jeremy Lee

 Graduation: 2012 
 Currently: National Tsing Hua University

Thesis: Behavioral Signal Processing: Computational Approaches for Modeling and Quantifying Interaction Dynamics in Dyadic Human Interactions

Ming Li Ming Li

 Graduation: 2013 
 Currently: Sun Yat-Sen/C.M.U Joint Institute of Engineering

Thesis: Representation, Classification and Information Fusion for Robust and Efficient Multimodal Human State Recognition

Soonil Kwon

 Graduation: 2005 
 Currently: Sejong University


Thesis: A Study of Unsupervised Speaker Indexing 

Serdar-yildirim Serdar Yildirim

 Graduation: 2006 
 Currently: Mustafa Kemal University


Thesis: Towards Natural Child-Computer Interaction: Recognizing Spoken Communicative Styles

Tanaya Guha

Multimodal Signal Processing/multimedia informatics

Email: tanayaguha at gmail.com
Time in SAIL: 2013 - 2015
Currently: IIT Kanpur

Micheal Proctor

Speech Production

: michael.proctor at mq.edu.au
Time in SAIL: 2009-2012
Currently: Macquerie University

Brian Baucom

(co-advised by Gayla Margolin)
Behavioral Signal Processing

: brian.baucom at psych.utah.edu
Time in SAIL: 2010 - 2012
Currently: Assistant Prof., University of Utah

Panayiotis Georgiou

Speech/Audio Processing


Email:  georgiou at sipi.usc.edu
Time in SAIL: 2002-2013
Currently: Assistant Professor, USC