Graphview of Emotion 20 Questions Data, Affirmative Answers

If you can read this text, the applet is not working. Perhaps you don't have the Java 1.4.2 (or later) web plug-in installed?

Get Java here.

Data by The Players of EMO20Q

Code by Jeffrey Heer, a la prefuse toolkit

Annotation by Abe Kazemzadeh

Select Click an item to make it stay still. Use ctrl-click to select multiple nodes.
Drag Left-click and drag a node to move it around.
Pan Left-click and drag the background to pan the display view.
Zoom Right-click and drag the mouse up or down or use the scroll wheel to zoom the display view.
Zoom-To-Fit Right-click once to zoom the display to fit the whole graph.
More... Open up the side panel for additional controls over the layout.

view source code (included in prefuse toolkit, for small modifications by Abe Kazemzadeh please email kazemzad A+ usc d.t edu)

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