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  Modeling Creative and Emotive Improvisation in Theatre Performance








In this joint project between USC and Georgia Tech, we are studying creativity in improvisation in theatrical performances. This research will increase the state of knowledge about improvisation, creativity, and intelligent agent design, as well as contribute meaningfully to theoretical and academic understanding of creative practice in theatre (project abstract).

Project Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Scope of the project

  • Considers the role of acting as a viable research methodology for studying human emotions
  • Finding acting techniques that provides realistic emotional displays
  • To identify cognitive processes underlying improvisation
  • The investigation of computational models and processes of improvisation, emotion, and behavior in the context of acting


  • Systematic use of acting technique to develop:
    • Computational models
    • Technological development
  • Development of synthetic characters, virtual humans, and other intelligent autonomous agents
  • Recording of multimodal emotional database to study expressive behaviors
  • Target domain includes entertainment, education, and training


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