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In honor of your 80th birthday, Peter, phoneticians have prepared a special birthday greeting for you using a variety of instruments.

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From USC:  Real-time MRI with synchronous noise-cancelled audio
from Dani Byrd and Shri Narayanan (with K. Nayak, J. Nielsen, E. Bresch)

Singing movie (large file takes a moment to load)
English movie

Hindi movie
The frame rate for all movies is 23.8 frames-per-second (fps), using a sliding-window reconstruction based on the raw data acquired at 8.3 fps.

From the UCLA Phonetics Lab:  A collection
from Pat Keating, Bruce Hayes, Sun-Ah Jun, Barbara Blankenship, Henry Tehrani, and Christina Esposito
(with C. Vicenik)

UCLA Overview
    Pitch-tracking and ToBI from Sun-Ah Jun
(Sun-Ah, Tim, Sahyang)
            must be downloaded and opened in Powerpoint
    Syllable Scramble from Christina
        (must be download for PowerPoint or html Explorer only)

movie of Pat, Bruce, and Barbara
movie of Henry

From University of Manitoba:  from Rob Hagiwara

Spectrogram Reading

Collected by Sandy Disner

Synthetic speech from text-to-speech engines
DECtalk (Thanks to Corine Bickley)
(specifically "Perfect Paul," which was modeled on Dennis Klatt himself)
Orator (Thanks to Marian Macchi)
Acapela formerly Elan (Thanks to Andrew Richards)
Neospeech (Thanks to Richard Metzler)
ATT (Thanks to Ann Syrdal)
    Other Languages:
    Alain_french, Juliette_french, Alberto_LatAm, Rosa_span, Klara_german, Reiner_german,
    Anjali_INDeng, Audrey_UKeng, Charles_UKeng, Crystal_USeng, Mike_USeng, Rich_USeng

from Tim Bunnell, of the Speech Research Laboratory of the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children and the University of Delaware in Wilmington--completely automated unit concatenation synthesis from recordings of people with ALS:  tb_pl4, tb_pl1
Apple (Thanks to Caroline Henton) fem  male

From University of Hawaii:  Amy Schafer and Victoria Anderson

 movie (Quicktime, Webstreaming)

From Haskins Laboratories:  Louis Goldstein and Mark Tiede (with Carmen Gao and Leonardo Oliveira)

Magnetometer movie (3D AG500)  (Alternate remote site.)
l_ag500.jpg l_ag500zoom.jpg
Tongue receivers include:  3 sagittal 2 parasagittal receivers

From UCLA Bureau of Glottal Affairs:  Jody Kreiman and Bruce Gerratt

Stroboscopy movie

From University of Washington:  Richard Wright (with Monica Wright)

Cochleagram movie (requires flash)

From University of Maryland:  Maureen Stone, Melissa Epstein, and the Gang

Ultrasound movie

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