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An approach to
real-time magnetic resonance imaging
for speech production

Submitted to JASA July/August 2003


Shrikanth Narayanan1, Krishna Nayak1,2, Sungbok Lee1,3,
Abhinav Sethy
1, Dani Byrd3


USC Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Los Angeles, CA  90089-2564 USA;
2Stanford University Dept. of Electrical Engineering; 3USC Dept. of Linguistics


[Note: All the movies are played with the rate of 24 frames per second]

Figure 1:

[no movie]

Figure 2: "Say pea leap again"

[Download movie]

Figure 3: "Say peal leap again"

[Download movie]

Figure 4: "Say bean knee again"

[Download movie]

Figure 5: Tamil retroflex [L]: "Andha vakyam paLam perusu."

[Download movie]

Figure 6: Tamil [l] : "Andha vakyam palam perusu."

[Download movie]

Figure 7: Tamil [zh]: "Andha vakyam pazham perusu."

[Download movie]

Figure 8:

[no movie. Please refer to Fig. 8 in the paper]

Figure 9:: Image tracking demonstration

[Snap shot of the image tracking program developed in the study] [Download movie (31 Mb)]