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Research in the Speech Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory spans both fundamental and applied aspects of speech processing and spoken language communication. The research is interdisciplinary: in addition to signal processing and communication theory, our work relies on knowledge from a variety of fields including AI/Computer Science, Linguistics, and Psychology. Research projects involve graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty and industry collaborators. Although primarily SAIL students come from Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, students from the Annenberg School of Communication and the Linguistics department participate in our research through collaborative projects. SAIL which is a part of IMSC (Integrated Media Systems Center), an NSF-ERC, has ties with the USC Information Sciences Institute and Institute for Creative Technologies. SAIL addresses a variety of problems in speech research — ranging from design, implementation and optimization of speech recognition/synthesis algorithms and conversational multimedia systems to fundamental experiments and modeling related to human vocal tract anatomy, physiology, acoustics and dynamics.


Research in SAIL is supported by a variety of federal grants: NSF, DARPA, NIH, US Army/STRICOM.. The lab has also received support from the Powell Foundation and a Zumberge grant for interdisciplinary research. In addition SAIL has received grants, equipment and other collaborative support including software from a number of industry sponsors including Lockheed Martin, HRL Labs, Lucent Technologies, Speechworks International, AT&T, SUN Microsystems and Intel. Details on specific funded projects can be found in the projects page.