Background and Research Interests


I am an electrical engineering Ph.D. student in the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab (SAIL) at the University of Southern California. I am advised by Dr. Shrikanth Narayanan. I earned a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2011.


My research interests are in robust speech processing and representation. Specifically, I investigate methods to robustly represent speech in different acoustic and channel noises. Using this representation, one can obtain denoised speech or generate noise-robust features for automatic speech recognition, speaker activity detection, language identification, and more. I have applied the speech representation to a variety of domains, including automatic speech recognition in noisy environments and removal of real-time MRI noise from speech recordings.


Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing the piano. I have teamed up and performed with several other musicians in SAIL. I also enjoy playing racquetball, hiking, and biking.



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