Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Violence, Sex and Drugs in Movie Scripts

Exposure to violent, sexual, or substance-abuse content in media increases childrens’ and adolescents’ willingness to imitate similar behaviors. Current solutions identify portrayals of risk behaviors from audio-visual cues, but they are limited to produced films. To address this limitation, we design state-of-the-art models that estimate content ratings based on the language use in movie scripts. Read more

Evaluating Therapist and Client relations using Artificial Intelligence

Psychotherapy, from a narrative perspective, is the process in which a client tells a story to a therapist. Some of these stories can ultimately shape ones identity. In this work we study these narratives in the context of therapeutic alliance, a self reported measure on the perception of a shared bond between client and therapist. We propose that alliance can be predicted from the interactions between certain types of clients with types of therapists. Read more