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SAIL Principles

Values and Mission

We are a team who ...

  • Are dedicated to world class research and education in human centered signal processing and machine intelligence and their societal applications
  • Reflects core values in solving important problems, adopting innovative interdisciplinary thinking, a collaborative spirit and rigorous mathematical and computational methods bridging science and engineering
  • Is committed to timely dissemination of our ideas and their implementations
  • Is part of an eco system: includes the departments, the schools, the university, industry and academic collaborators, scientific/technical community, broader society
  • Upholds the highest levels of integrity in carrying out our work, and meeting our responsibility to all our stakeholders
  • Strives to be leaders and develop leaders

How do we (try to) tick?

  • Value freedom of ideas and thought
  • Focus on big, important problems of intellectual and societal value
  • Support a collegial and collaborative environment
  • Practice an open communication environment
  • Work hard and play hard

What is expected of a SAILer?

  • Contribute to research and technology projects
  • Uphold highest ethical standards, quality and integrity in research
  • Disseminate results in a timely fashion: publications, software, data
  • Gain mentoring, teaching and service skills
  • Be a colleague
  • Become a well-rounded leader
  • Contribute back to society