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Lab Life

What being a SAILer is all about
Being a SAILer is first and foremost being a part of a team dedicated world class research, and solving core problems in human centered signal processing and its societal applications. We work closely with each other and communicate our ideas in a free manner, trying to make an impact through original and creative work, while holding the highest ethical, quality, and integrity standards in all of our work. We contribute to research and technology projects and push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. A SAILer is expected to be a well-rounded leader and take initiatives that will benefit not only one’s individual career but society as a whole. Following these values, we have managed to have a strong presence in many scientific conferences and events. But in SAIL we are more than collaborators. We enjoy each other’s company and we try to meet as often as possible to have some fun together. If you are interested in joining SAIL please visit our Open Positions page.