Please click on the images below for access to research and educational resources that the SPAN group makes publicly available.

75-speaker speech MRI database

real-time, accelerated volumetric, and T2-weighted MRI from 75 speakers producing a variety of speech tasks

the rtMRI IPA charts

watch real-time MRI videos corresponding to the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet


USC-TIMIT is a real-time MRI and electromagnetic articulography database with companion software tools freely available for research purposes


a real-time MRI database capturing speech production across emotions

speech morphology database

the USC Speech and Vocal Tract Morphology MRI Database includes
real-time and volumetric MRI from 17 speakers

for Peter Ladefoged's 80th birthday

an older (2005) webpage highlighting several articulatory data acquisition techniques, dedicated to Peter Ladefoged

beatboxing 2017

watch and listen to the complex elegance of the vocal movements and the sounds being created in beatboxing

beatboxing 2013

the original beatboxing webpage

the rtMRI gallery

some examples from our pool of real-time speech MRI data that we consider especially cool

publications with webpages

a list of SPAN publications that come with supplementary material online


presentations providing additional information about SPAN work