Tracking Individual Performance
with Sensors study

In-person enrollment session

After you have signed up for an in-person enrollment session that will take place at Keck Medical Center, USC University Park Campus or Information Sciences Institute, you will attend your 2 hour enrollment session on the day and time that you select. When you come into the session, members of the research team will have you open the TILES application and go to the activity feed. From here, members of the research team will verify that you have completed consent. If consent has not yet been completed, you will be asked to complete the consent process described in the preceding section. Members of the research team will also verify that you have given the appropriate permissions and downloaded the mobile applications described above. If you have not yet given permissions and downloaded the applications, you will be asked to do so at that time.

Next, you will complete the Initial Ground Truth Survey. This survey will be administered under the supervision of a trained member of the research team, and will take about 1 hour to complete. You will complete the survey on a laptop or desktop computer. The survey will ask about standard personal information, logic, personality, alcohol use, tobacco use, physical activity, sleep, affect, anxiety, task performance at work, and work behavior.

Next, you will be given wearable sensors that collect physical and environmental information. Sensor fitting, training, and adjustment will be done during this enrollment session. In the rare event that the available sensors do not fit or work properly, the research team may decide to end your participation in the study at that time. More detail about these sensors is provided here.

After receiving the wearable sensors, being appropriately fit with the sensors, and being trained on sensor use, you will learn about the environmental sensors that will be placed at Keck Medical Center for the duration of your participation in the study (10 weeks).

This will conclude your in-person enrollment session.