Tracking Individual Performance
with Sensors study

If you decide to take part in the study, this is what will happen:

Phone Permissions and Mobile Applications

You will be asked to provide phone permissions and download mobile applications developed by 3rd party developers. Read more...

In-person Enrollment

After you have signed up for an in-person enrollment session that will take place at Keck Medical Center, USC University Park Campus or Information Sciences Institute, you will attend your 2 hour enrollment session on the day and time that you select. Click here to read more about the in-person enollment session.

Wearing Sensors and completing Brief Daily Surveys

Beginning on the first day of sensor information collection, you will be asked to wear the sensors that were provided to you during your in-person enrollment session. Click here to read more about the senors we use for the study.

Additionally, you will be asked to complete Brief Daily Surveys on a daily basis for the duration of your participation in the study (10 weeks). Click here to read more about the Brief Daily Surveys.

End of Study Procedures

Following completion of wearing sensors and completing Brief Daily Surveys, you will be asked to sign up for a 30-minute in-person off-boarding session. Read more...

You will return your wearable sensors; you will, however, get to keep your Fitbit Charge 2.Read more...